The last AdBlocker
you will ever need

We have created the smartest adblocker and coupled it with the strongest possible popup blocker.

SmartAdBlock is the only tool you need to browse a clean ad free internet, even on the most hostile websites.

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Lightning Fast

SmartAdBlock is the fastest adblocker available. We have optimised the code with a few old tricks. For instance, do you need your adblocker to consume your memory resources when you are browsing Wikipedia? No you do not, it's what we thought.

No Acceptable Ads

Have you noticed that the usual adblockers let some ads slip through? it is because they call them "acceptable ads" and they get paid for that. We do not have acceptable ads.

bulletproof protection

Some websites are particularly hostile (streaming, torrents, file download ... hmm etc..). SmartAdBlock is perfect for these. It will block all their popups but also disable the malicious scripts they often run (bitcoin mining etc..)

Our business model is
totally crap

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Automatic Update

There is no need to read about filters or check updates, SmartAdBlock will autoupdate every 24 hours and load the most recent Ad blocking rules.

Cookies GDPR Ready

Have you read our privacy policy / GDPR rule / cookie warning ? NO YOU HAVE NOT! And you dont want to. Are we right? SmartAdBlock will get rid of these for you.

Putlocker Hate us

Because SmartAdBlock can deal with their hostile popups. Enjoy again movies on the fly on your favorite streaming sites (disclaimer: we do not encourage illegal streaming and you do so at your own risks etc..)